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Star MarinePro Corp. (SMC) has signed an agency agreement with Headway technology Co., Ltd, Qingdao

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We are pleased to announce that Star MarinePro Corp. (SMC) has signed an agency agreement with Headway technology Co., Ltd, Qingdao for promoting the sale of BWMS (Ballast water management system) in Denmark.

 The system is based on the electrolysis and ultrasound technology with a very low power consumption and no chemical nor cleaning agent needed during operation.

 The system is unique in terms of:

         *     Low power consumption compared with other systems

*       Footprint is very compact 3-5 times smaller than other systems

*       Easy for retrofit (4-7 days)

*      30 years lifespan

*       Fulfilling the requirements for California

*      Approved by CCS and DNV 

*        Limited maintenance  

*       Reduce sediment

*        Ex-proof

*        The BWMS is tailor made for communication with Headway VDR/SVDR


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