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Star Group provides CMS worldwide.

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Star Group is a professional exporter of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) and has a very and long relationship with several manufacturers in China which have been producing high quality CMS for more than 14 years, and now partner manufacture have 2 mills with 4,000 square meter factory, our capacity of CMS is approximately 800 mt/year which can support continues supply to our customers worldwide. 


Our prices are competitive and you are most welcome to test our quality at any time, we have the license for delivery by air or sea transport, packaging can also be customized according to your required specifications and requirements.


CMS normally are using in the PSA nitrogen generator machine industry, to separation the nitrogen from air to get pure nitrogen (95% -99.99%). Product range include CMS - 200, CMS - 220, CMS - 240, CMS - 260, specification as per attached.


We have been supply CMS to the Europe market for more 3 years, which helped our partner gained great success in Nitrogen equipment industry, as the PSA technology has become more and more popular due to the low power consumption per m3, the market demand are growing rapidly within the marine and land based N2 plants.


If you are interested to join a collaborated business relationship with an honest partner within nitrogen generator industry, please feel free to contact us.


If you require further information about our CMS, please contact Tel: +86 21 31750896, 31750897, 31750898

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